The New England Medical & Surgical Center provides services for advanced diagnosis and treatment of conditions that threaten your horse's vision.

Dr. Alison Clode and Dr. Nick Cassotis are board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists that see the equine patients at NEEMSC. Utilizing ophthalmic examination techniques such as slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonometry, and indirect ophthalmoscopy, they are able to perform complete ophthalmic examinations that enable recognition and diagnosis of conditions involving the eyelids, nasolacrimal duct system, orbit, and globe itself. When necessary, additional diagnostic procedures, such as cytology, biopsy, and ultrasonography, can be performed to provide further information regarding the health of the eye.  

Also when necessary, surgical intervention to manage ocular diseases can be performed. Examples of surgeries performed by Drs. Clode and Cassotis include eyelid and corneal laceration repair, corneal grafting procedures, resection of tumors involving the eyelids and globe, and removal of the eye. Additionally, surgical placement of cyclosporine implants to manage both corneal disease and uveitis can be performed. As some of these surgeries are microsurgical procedures (corneal repair, cyclosporine implantation for uveitis), general anesthesia is necessary for accurate and safe completion. Advantageously however, other surgical procedures may be performed in the standing, sedated patient.  

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