Physical Therapy

Incorporating physical therapeutic techniques is key to enhancing tissue strength and function, thereby maximizing results. Equine physical and rehabilitative therapy treatments include: hot/cold therapy, shockwave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, low-level laser and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

NEEMSC coordinates and administers equine physical therapy for hospitalized and outpatient horses along with the primary hospital veterinarian attending to each particular case.

Equine Physical Therapy in the Field

New England Equine offers the latest technology and equipment designed to promote a safe and rapid advancement for horses recovering from injuries. We give your horse every chance to make a successful return to competition by providing a variety of the most advanced and effective physical therapy options. Our skilled staff is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable, with a passion for horses and the desire to see your horse return well-rested, fit and ready to perform.

With a portable shockwave unit, our veterinarians can provide improved healing times and a better prognosis for a variety of tendon, ligament and bone ailments that affect all types of performance horses. With different probes providing focused shockwave energy to a variety of tissue depths, we can more specifically treat superficial or deep tissues by increasing blood flow, increasing collagen strength and alignment or even decreasing chronic pain. We also offer rental of our therapeutic ultrasound machines for continued care at home.

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